Guimaras, Cabaling Beach Resort

Guimaras, Cabaling Beach Resort

Guimaras is an island 20 minutes boat ride from Iloilo City. It is known for its mangoes, which are said to be the sweetest in the world. We stayed in Cabaling beach resort for a night. This will suit you if you want peace and quiet, as it is a bit secluded. A few meters away you can already see beautiful corals, especially from the bridge. No need to snorkle. 


Looking down from the bridge you can see corals, esp during lowtide

Corals a few meters from the beach of Cabaling, Guimaras.How to get there >> Take a boat from Iloilo City to Jordan wharf for 20 minutes. Rent a multicab for Php 600 from Jordan wharf (It can accommodate up to 10 passengers). The drive would be for around 35 minutes to one hour mostly on rough road. The resort offers free boat pick up from the drop off point. This boat ride will take around 5 to 10 minutes, or you can also walk for 15 minutes. >> The resort offers boat transfer directly from Iloilo City for Php 2000 one way. The boat can accommodate up to 40 persons. The resort was constructed in 2007 but operation started in 2008. All their facilities are well kept. They have seven airconditioned, huge, clean and beautifully designed rooms each for Php3000 a night for two persons but each room can accommodate up to six persons. You would need to add Php 150 for every additional person. They have one fan room for Php 2000 that can accomodate up to six persons.

>> They offer island hopping for Php1500 for 3hours. This rate is more expensive than the rate in other resorts (500 for the first hour and 150 for succeeding hours).

>> The resort also has a swimming pool, from kiddie to 6ft deep.

>> They also serve nice food in their resto with reasonable price.

>>  Billiard for Php 50 per hour

Not so good things >> No wifi and no cable television. Not necessarily a problem esp if you want a break from city life.

You may contact the owner / manager, her name is Bing, at 63-9494909206. She’s kind and accommodating. She didn’t charge us corkage fee. She also let five of us stay in the room without extra charge.




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Why Iloilo is one of the best travel destinations in the Philippines

I just came back from my second visit to Iloilo this morning. I want to share with you some of my reasons why I love this place, and why I think it is one of the best travel destinations in Asia.

>>> Kind Ilonggos >>  They helped us with direction as we navigated the city and nearby towns during our five nights stay. One elderly lady overheard me and my colleague transacting with a trike driver to bring us to Acao in Cabatuan, and in Ilonggo dialect directed us near the police booth. The police told us trikes could not go to Acao, and they were able to connect us to a driver of a ‘singgol’ motor bike which became our service until we finished our business in that far part of Cabatuan town. We gladly gave tip to the driver. I was just too happy to be back to the market in one piece.

>>> Sweet accent & language >> who would not fall in love in the way they speak?

>>> Smoke-free Iloilo campaign  >> I would love for the whole country to be smoke free! Quezon City, please pick this up…

>>> Rehabilitated Iloilo River >> It took them years, but they made it possible. We heard it was started by the incumbent mayor, and the city really allotted budget for it. Now it has become a very nice view, especially from the roof top of the city hall. Imagine if we could rehabilitate every river in the cities!

>>> Esplanade >> This is probably one of my favorite spots in the city esp during late afternoon/ early evening. Not just the cool breeze I felt walking along the clean Iloilo River, but seeing a lot of people walking / running and benefiting from the rehabilitation efforts  made me feel happy being in that place.

>>> I like taking photos of old buildings and churches, and Iloilo has a lot of these. I was able to visit this massive church in Cabatuan which was built in 1834. According to wikipedia it is one of the most beautiful churches in the country.


Below is Santa Barbara church built in 1845. Visit for more info on these two churches and the rest of Iloilo’s old buildings.

>>> Well maintained plazas >> this is one of the things we don’t have in Metro Manila. In Iloilo plazas we saw young people  playing basketball or practising bar-tending under the shade of the trees,  the elderly people exercising, sitting, reading a newspaper or singing by themselves, children running around safely, and tourists like us just enjoying the serene view of how these people live their lives in a simple way.

>>> Football fields in almost every town that I visited. It’s no surprise that Ilonggos are very good in this sport, having produced one of the greatest Filipino footballers in the country, Chieffy Caligdong.

>>> Iloilo city’s Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog ranked 5th in world mayor search of 2014. For me that says a lot about him and the city itself.

>>> It is home to breath-taking beaches. From Iloilo you can also easily go to Guimaras, Kalibo, Boracay, etc.

Have I bored you yet? I can go on with my list, esp mentioning the different festivals they celebrate. Oh, I need to say that I felt safe while walking the streets of the city, though I know it is not 100% crime-free. The government’s effort of controlling drug abuse related crimes is also evident in the many posters and police presence in different parts of the city

Book a flight to Iloilo soon and experience the province/city yourself. We hope to come back next year for the Dinagyang Festival.

Have you been to Iloilo? What do you like about this province?

Raymen Beach Resort in Guimaras


No doubt it is one of the most popular beach resorts in Guimaras. When we were there they could not let us stay the second night because they had a booking for 300 guests.
Good things:
>> Beach front – though narrow, the sand is close to white and the water is clear.  Most Filipinos, esp children would enjoy just playing with the waves. Since I have just recently learned to swim in deep waters, I only stayed for a few minutes as the markers prevented me from going to deeper part of the water.
>> Food – they have a resto and they cook good and reasonably priced food.
>> Mango shake – First time we stayed here we enjoyed their mango shake at 55 pesos. It was a bit cold to order for a shake the last time we visited.
>> Accommodations – nothing great about their rooms but if you only need a bed to sleep in and some privacy then what they have should suffice. I personally thought their A/C rooms were small for the price. Their fan room would be good enough at 700 pesos if you want to save on cost and just enjoy the beach. Otherwise go for the more expensive rooms from 1500 up if you want a bit of comfort.
>> Service – very helpful front desk staff.
>>Security – We felt secure as their guard/s were patrolling during the night.
Not so good things:
>> We didn’t like it that they charge entrance fee even to those who would stay the night. 25 pesos is not so much but there really is no reason of paying this if you would pay for the room.