Raymen Beach Resort in Guimaras


No doubt it is one of the most popular beach resorts in Guimaras. When we were there they could not let us stay the second night because they had a booking for 300 guests.
Good things:
>> Beach front – though narrow, the sand is close to white and the water is clear.  Most Filipinos, esp children would enjoy just playing with the waves. Since I have just recently learned to swim in deep waters, I only stayed for a few minutes as the markers prevented me from going to deeper part of the water.
>> Food – they have a resto and they cook good and reasonably priced food.
>> Mango shake – First time we stayed here we enjoyed their mango shake at 55 pesos. It was a bit cold to order for a shake the last time we visited.
>> Accommodations – nothing great about their rooms but if you only need a bed to sleep in and some privacy then what they have should suffice. I personally thought their A/C rooms were small for the price. Their fan room would be good enough at 700 pesos if you want to save on cost and just enjoy the beach. Otherwise go for the more expensive rooms from 1500 up if you want a bit of comfort.
>> Service – very helpful front desk staff.
>>Security – We felt secure as their guard/s were patrolling during the night.
Not so good things:
>> We didn’t like it that they charge entrance fee even to those who would stay the night. 25 pesos is not so much but there really is no reason of paying this if you would pay for the room.


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