Clean parks of Iloilo vs dirty Quezon Memorial Circle football field


I remember while my friends and I were walking in a plaza (park) in Molo in Iloilo City one morning, my friend Ella thought loudly and enviously, “We don’t have parks like this in Pasig!” I can’t really emphatize with her. In Quezon City we have a park that is called Quezon Memorial Circle. Every Saturday morning I get to a jeepney with 12 sometimes 20 kids, for 15 minutes and go to this park to play football. A lot of people go here to run and exercise, especially every weekend morning. It has a museum, and it is even a concert venue sometimes. I have even seen one of my favorite local rock band, Slapshock, play here for free, and I was even on the front! It is a blessing to have this park in the middle of the city, and so near where we live. While I am thankful we have this space to go to in the city for free, I don’t like it that some parts of it is dirty, especially the football field.


I don’t blame the local government. I know they try to maintain it and keep it clean. I see their efforts. I want to call out to Quezon City residents, and maybe Filipinos in general. I see our lack of discipline from crossing the streets to being late in appointments  (but that’s another story). We need to be more disciplined. Wherever we are we can throw our garbage properly, from your cigarette butts to dirty diapers. We can bring home our trash if we don’t see garbage bins around us.

It is probably pointless to write about this on a blog. I just hope that even a few people who would read this would be challenged. If you know you are not contributing to the garbage (and flood) problem in Metro Manila, maybe you could gently remind that friend with you who just flipped a candy wrapper outside the jeepney and tell him, “Ang basurang itinapon mo, babalik din sayo.”


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