Philippine History Through Art

Are you like me who in high school found history boring? (Don’t be too guilty, a lot of people and students felt the same way, that is why I look up to teachers & historians who make learning fun). Well, redeem some of those lost times being too bored to learn, learn history through art, head to Sining Saysay in Gateway in Cubao, Quezon City. I went with my nieces ages 19, 10 and 7, and we all were reminded of our country’s rich history through the paintings of talented Filipino artists.


I asked the girls if i could take a photo of them, my seven year old niece Dylan replied, “Only in the hospital where Ate (older sister) was born.” There you have it, a short but personal caption for this photo, showing Quirino Memorial Medical Hospital, named after one of our Philippine presidents.


Oh, and did I mention that entrance to this exhibit is for free?

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