Astoria Palawan

We stayed in a one-bedroom suite for three nights through the kindness of our friends who are members of Astoria. I am writing this review while we are still here, so I don’t forget the details.

>>>The service is excellent. My mum was surprised with the line of staff who welcomed us with a necklace and cold towel and she felt really special. I was not surprised because I read this from blogs before we came here. Everywhere we go the staff would greet us and are very helpful. The check in was swift. They took time to orient us with the things we need to know, but were very courteous on the things we forgot from the orientation. I just love how friendly, helpful and courteous the staff are.
>>>The suite is impressive. It is spacious, complete with almost everything we need, clean, design is really nice. We enjoy the bathroom and the kids loved the bathtub.


We love the complete kitchen which enabled us to cook for lunch and dinner. We really wanted to save on money so we made it sure we have all the supplies we need before coming here. The two TVs was also appropriate for our group.
>>>The amenities are very good. The infinity pool’s design is very nice, suitable for kids, though not good for lap swim. We enjoyed the game room. I had a good time doing exercise using the xbox and playing street fighter while my family members enjoyed using the videoke room. I was looking forward using their gym but it was not available as they were undergoing maintenance. I was also looking forward to use the Waterpark as we thought it was free for us. However we decided not to avail of the 50% discount as we already enjoyed the other amenities that were free for us. Entrance fee to Waterpark is quite expensive – around 600 pesos per person. We loved biking around the big area. I am glad I was able practice biking, and now marunong na akong lumiko!! Haha…
>>>The beach, though not wide and the sand is not white, still provides a relaxing view esp during sunset. Madalas lowtide.
>>>The Reserve, Astoria’s resto, also offers nice food. It is already expected that the price would be expensive, but they offer 50% discount for their breakfast buffet, which we availed. The only thing we did not like is that the flies swarm while we eat. It is again expected as Astoria is in the midst of mango orchard. I do hope they could do something about it. We found a fly in our corned beef this morning. We just convince ourselves that the flies are clean in this part of Palawan haha. It is always good to put on insect repellant as there are insects that bites.
Another not so good thing (it is not so bad) is that power is fluctuating many times a day. They did mention it to us during the orientation and they assured us that it would come back after a few sec, and it does, ad they have a generator. We did see a lot of solar panels and I am glad another hotel is starting to use renewable energy.

I am really thankful for this three night stay in Astoria. We were able to rest well. We decided not to avail of the trips in Palawan as our stay in Astoria is already a very nice experience.



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