>>>Hello you…

We are from the beautiful Philippines. We met in uni one humid morning in June of 1995, and since then we have enjoyed each other’s company, even managed to finish college. We like to work hard and enjoy life. We love food, traveling and everything about life. We decided recently that it is time to share to you the things we learn doing the things we love. Enjoy reading because we enjoy sharing! image When we don’t travel… We have our own jobs that we enjoy and thank the Lord for. One works in a nonprofit doing admin work; one is a treasury officer, one is an admin manager, one is a social worker. We like to get together for a meal or a movie from time to time. This one was when our good friend Rodel Aller visited from the US. We enjoyed a Filipino cuisine in Eastwood, Quezon City, Philippines, while reminiscing the crazy uni days. image When we blog… We would be sharing the load and joy of keeping this blog. Not all of us would be writing for sure, as one already made it clear it’s not her area. She would rather help pay for dinner, she said. One of us will manage the site and mainly write the articles. All of us would be sharing our thoughts when we write about the places we visit and review the food we eat and accommodations we stay at. You would hear from us soon about Cabaling Resort in Guimaras. We had such a great time here that writing about it would be fun… image When we travel… We know we are not like those who like to travel on their own. Maybe because we are Filipinos – we are very social beings and celebrate life mostly by being together, without forgetting to spend a needed ‘alone time’ even for a few minutes. In traveling the Filipino way, the bigger the group the crazier it gets, but surely the more exciting and also the cheapest!
When we prep for our ITs and book our accommodations, we mostly depend on travel blogs, bloggers’ reviews and a local travel show Byahe ni Drew. We know how helpful these blogs are so we hope this blog would also help you when you prep for your travels or if you just want to know about our country.
On this blog you would also read about the times we spent traveling with other people, or the travels we did for our own work. We cross the seas, fly when we find cheap flights, rent a car, or hike and climb mountains, like this one when we climbed Mount Pulag in December 2014 with the Sinai Mountaineers. image


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